• Mentor Series

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    In this course, well-known international real estate trainer, David Knox, will mentor you while you're mastering the basics (and not-so-basics). You will learn everything from prospecting to listing to pricing to buyer and seller counseling to show houses to negotiating agreements and protecting your commissions and much, much more.

  • The gears of selling

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    In this transformational course Anthony van der Riet discusses the gears of the selling process, and he shows you how to close any deal like a pro. This course was presented at the Property Pro Summit.

  • How to take photos that sell properties

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    In this course, a professional photographer provides tips, tricks and advice to help you take better property photos.

  • Ooreenkoms om eiendom te koop en verkoop

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    In-diepte bespreking van die ooreenkoms om eiendom te koop en verkoop ("agreement of sale and purchase").

  • Selling Sectional Title

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    Discover the most important concepts of sectional title (body corporate) schemes pertaining to you as property practitioner in this short, 3-part video series.

  • Residential rentals: A comprehensive course

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    Become a residential lettings expert in your own time and at your own pace in this comprehensive online, training course. The course is aimed at both new and experienced rental property practitioners.

  • Selling real estate like a superhero

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    Whether you're brand new to to the property game or an old hand already, you'll never stop learning. This is because you deal with property, but more importantly, you get to deal with people. Knowing how to match the right buyer to the right seller is a skill that sounds easy to obtain, but you'll always be improving it. In this course, you will discover the essential skills of selling real estate... like a super hero!

  • The psychology of selling

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    Selling is arguably the most important skill you need to have for the survival and growth of your business. No spreadsheet, business plan, SWOT analysis, business book, or anything else will be of any use if you haven’t managed to convince someone else to buy. So what is it that makes some estate agents so successful while others can only watch? Is there such a thing as a sales personality, and are some people just "born with it"?

  • Business planning with Evernote

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    Want to have your best year ever in real estate? Start by taking this course on annual business planning with Evernote.

  • The 3M Success System for Rookie Agents

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    After training many successful rookies over a number of years now, I’ve boiled their success secrets down to a simple 3-step system that anyone can copy. These are the 3 essential things you should be doing in your first (or, if you’ve been an agent for more than 60 days already, your next) 60 days as an estate agent.